16 set 2011

pOrtal gratuito fino al 20 settembre …

Accendete Steam e scaricate GRATUITAMENTE Portal, non avete più scuse per non provarlo …


Quelli di Valve hanno portato a scuola questa fantastica esperienza, per stimolare divertendo i ragazzi. Complimenti al progetto !!!


Intrigue. Engage. Inspire.

When we heard the buzz surrounding the new role video games are playing in education, we had to throw our hat in the ring. Today, innovative educators are finding ways to incorporate Portal™ and Portal 2 into their classrooms—helping teach physics and critical-thinking skills. It’s eye-opening to see how video games can be used in amazing and unexpected ways to help educate our next generation.

One of the biggest challenges in teaching science, technology, engineering, and math is capturing the students’ imaginations long enough for them to see all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Using interactive tools like the Portal series to draw them in makes physics, math, logic, spatial reasoning, probability, and problem-solving interesting, cool, and fun which gets us one step closer to our goal—engaged, thoughtful kids!


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